City Speaks

Do you know of any untold stories about things ordinary people from Bristol and the surrounding area are doing to protect nature, save energy, reduce waste, persuade political authorities, grow your own food and more?

We are working with the University of Bristol Cabot Institute on a project to collect and tell inspiring stories from Bristol – especially those that aren’t the most well known ‘green Bristol’ stories. They will be shared with world leaders at COP26, and we also hope to exhibit in local libraries and community centres to inspire people in Bristol.

Some of the stories will feature in a short film, others will be shared on posters and other media.

Please tell us your story here:

We want to hear about things you do in your daily life, practices you learned from your grandparents, or bigger collective action projects you know of, or someone who’s participated in a project you are part of and has their own story about that.

Especially untold stories with interesting characters, a surprising twist, challenges, humour and human moments.